Whether the requirement is for senior debt, mezzanine or JV equity we deliver innovative and creative solutions across the entire capital structure. We identify traditional and non-traditional capital sources for both domestic and international clients and are active across all sectors of the property market and have completed a wide range of transactions from £5 million to £250 million. Whilst our primary focus is the UK, we are also active elsewhere in Western Europe.

Senior Debt Mezzanine Finance Short Term Finance Joint Venture Equity

Senior Debt

Senior debt advisory is the core of our business. Founded in 2003, we have established relationships at the most senior level with all the leading market participants. We have relationships with over 100 active lenders and in 2018 we financed over £1bn of property. We are confident of delivering to our clients the best possible commercial terms for each transaction from the most suitable lender. At the same time, our clients can rely on us to manage the entire financing process from inception to drawdown and beyond, freeing up substantial time for them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Mezzanine Finance

The mezzanine finance market is diverse and opaque, with capital providers ranging from specialist boutique lenders to opportunistic real estate funds and from hedge funds to private family offices. Each lender has a slightly different approach according to project type and to the security required. We have access to all the key lenders in this market to enable us to source the most appropriate finance for each specific situation.

Junior finance can be structured in a number of different ways and we employ creative solutions for our clients to optimise their borrowing strategy.

Short Term Finance

There are often situations where short term finance is the best solution, sometimes because funds are needed very quickly, or perhaps to give our clients time to implement a specific part of their business plan before putting longer term finance in place.

We have extensive experience in arranging short term finance for investors and developers who need access to funds quickly. Loan terms are typically 3-24 months and can range in size from £3m-£50m.

Capital in this space is available from a wide variety of sources ranging from specialist bridging firms to challenger banks, and private family offices. We have strong relationships with all the leading participants .

Joint Venture Equity

In recent years we have enabled some very experienced real estate operators to enter into long term JVs with a wide range of capital partners. We have extensive relationships that allow us to match the right operator with the right partner. In today’s market, capital can be sourced from a large number of investors ranging from private family offices to wealth managers; from opportunistic private equity funds to hedge funds; and from more traditional pension and insurance funds.

Whether for a specific transaction or a more generic facility agreement, we understand the entire capital stack and work with our clients to structure lasting joint-ventures that enable them to meet their targets and grow their businesses.